California Association of Law Enforcement Background Investigators

The California Association of Law Enforcement Background Investigators is dedicated to the improvement of background investigations within law enforcement. The purpose of the organization is to facilitate and increase the quality and effectiveness of entry level background investigations through knowledge and evaluation of relevant federal and state laws, and to promote cooperation among member law enforcement agencies.

In the furtherance of these goals CALEBI provides training classes throughout the year in different locations throughout the state. Instructors come from all ranks of law enforcement including POST and Private Sector that provide services to law enforcement agencies.

CALEBI has been organized as a professional organization since 1979. The association consists of an elected President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three directors at large.

Members receive an established network of other agencies and members who can provide information and assistance to help them and their agencies stay on top of the latest developments in background investigation techniques, laws and procedures.

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Dave Bettin
Bettin Investigations
[email protected]

Vice President:

Leslie Lazzarini
Lazzarini Investigations, LLC
Santa Rosa Police Department (Retired)
[email protected]


Jeny Eggers
Alameda County Sheriff's Office (Retired)
[email protected]


Stewart Cowan
Marin County Sheriff's Office
[email protected]

Members At Large:

Glenn Pon
San Francisco District Attorney's Office

John Lenny
San Francisco District Attorney's Office

Ernest Loucas
Richmond Police Department

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Objective of Membership:

  • To continually upgrade law enforcement background investigations by providing training and information to members and member agencies
  • To provide a forum for an exchange of information, ideas, techniques and other areas of mutual concern or interest in the area of law enforcement background investigations.
  • To support legislation considered to be beneficial to law enforcement background investigations.
  • To provide coordination in development of law enforcement background investigations training classes, which may qualify for state, federal or private financial support, sponsorship or other means of implementation.
  • To practice and encourage cooperation between law enforcement agencies and public or private sector entities which provide (or benefit from) effective law enforcement backgrounds.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Access to CALEBI training classes and conferences that are usually given three to four times a year in various locations throughout California.
  • Access to an established network of CALEBI members throughout the state to provide assistance in obtaining information and answers to questions regarding all aspects of background investigation and training.
  • Access to “CALEBI News” and members only section of the website. The newsletter and website provides updated information in many areas of background investigations. it also contains information on upcoming meetings and training.
  • An attractive membership plaque for member agencies.